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Mirena Health Risks and Misrepresentation

Mirena Health Risks

Mirena Health RisksDedicated scientists and medical professionals bring a great number of helpful advancements into the world. Companies like Bayer help give life to the pursuits of scientists by facilitating the infrastructure and funding needed for it. Unfortunately, not all advancements work out the way they should nor do companies take appropriate responsibility for problems with their products. It’s easy to attempt to vilify these companies but we must remember that they are accustomed to fighting these battles in courtrooms. Women affected by Mirena health risks may need to step into that same arena to protect their rights. The American Injury Attorney Group is here to help. Arrange for a consultation on the complications you or your loved one may have experienced because of the Mirena IUD today.

The Burden of Legal Responsibility

The basis of legal action is often negligent or other wrongful action by the company in question. The FDA has received over 70,000 adverse reaction reports regarding the Mirena IUD. Though the FDA has not ordered Bayer to pull the Mirena IUD from the market, it has found fault with the way the product was represented to the public. The FDA ordered Bayer to cease using certain phrases and marketing strategies, citing that they created unrealistic expectations. Bayer was also cited for understating potential risks and overstating the benefits of their product.

The Potential Risks of the Mirena IUD

Any medical procedure or device has risks associated with it. The list associated with the Mirena IUD includes:

  • Intrauterine Pregnancy
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Perforation of the Uterine Wall
  • Perforation of Cervix
  • Vaginitis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Amenorrhea
  • Various Cancers

Each of these Mirena health risks is very serious and some are potentially life threatening to women. Absent from the list are two potentially serious complications in the form of infertility and a dislodged IUD. At the time of writing, approximately 600 lawsuits due to device migration had been filed throughout the United States.

The FDA has also reportedly warned Bayer about not reporting miscarriages as a possible health risk of using the Mirena IUD. Use of a Mirena IUD also weakens the surrounding area making the area unsuitable for pregnancy immediately after removal. There is a clear recommendation to avoid pregnancy for at least 8 weeks after removal otherwise a miscarriage may be the result. Repeated problems can result in extensive damage that can render the woman unable to conceive or sustain a pregnancy.

Infertility may be one of the other Mirena health risks. An Ectopic pregnancy caught too late may require the complete removal of a fallopian tube or ovary particularly if there is a threat of rupture. A ruptured fallopian tube can easily result in life-threatening bleeding for the mother.

Protecting the Rights of Mirena IUD Users

The main representation in Mirena lawsuits surrounding Mirena health risks to women is the under-representation of the potential and severity of possible side effects. Mirena health risks can easily result in lost wages, quality of life, medical and rehab expenses, trauma, or cause a failed relationship because of infertility. Corporations have a legal responsibility to the consumer to represent their products in a truthful, open manner to where the consumer is aware of what risks they are taking on with any new product.

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